Welcome to the Platonos Projects home. Here you will find several projects that are squarely aimed to provide many benefits to the Java Community at large. Along the top right, you'll find a location where you can select from a few mailing lists and join up to participate in either user or development communications for the selected project. Below that is a few menu options. The projects menu will list the various projects that are part of the Platonos family. Each has it's own set of submenus that you may use to learn more about each project. The News menu is primarily to provide updated information regarding anything Platonos. This could be updates of project releases, new projects added, or other bits of info that may be useful. The downloads menu will take you directly to the sourceforge file page for the Platonos project. There you will find the various releases (if/when available) for the Platonos family of projects.

The projects placed under the Platonos family are all of the open source variety. We are bent like hell on providing great tools, components and more for the java community to relish in. It is our passion; writing good java code, creating quality projects and otherwise to hopefully help others where we may have struggled or wished for something to help us. This is our way of thanking Sun, the java community and all those developers out there that mentored us to come to where we are today. We hope you will find use of one or more of the projects here. Even better, join up and help contribute! That is how our projects will continue to grow and be of more use to others.

Thank you.

The Platonos Team